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In this session, we cover Relish Data Assure, which globally validates legal names, addresses, bank information, tax IDs, up-to-date sanctions lists (like OFAC), and more.  Integrate any third-party data source (EcoVadis, D&B, ISNetworld, GAN, GIACT, and more) to enrich supplier profiles. 
  • Guarantee anti-fraud checks are happening
  • Mitigate fraud risk across the Spend Management Process
  • Eliminate supplier data errors

Apply automated checks in the supplier onboarding process to stop possible fraudsters at the front door. Re-check when suppliers change their information.

This session shows Relish Invoice AI in action! Invoice AI reads invoices from any source, in any format, and automatically validates and integrates them into Coupa. Your team doesn't need to re-type them in, worry about errors or even reach our AI. Invoice AI validates invoices against master data, POs, government tax authorities, and more. Eliminate re-keying and errors and ensure your invoices are ready to process.
  • Automated, AI-driven invoice data match validation
  • All invoices collected, digitized and validated
  • Embedded within Coupa

Let us handle rejections back to the supplier and compliant submissions to your Network/Portal.

Data Assure Session Replay

Invoice AI Session Replay